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Post-Construction Cleaning Services

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Post construction Cleaning Services in Denver, CO

Services You’ll Want After the Dirty Work is done

Once a construction or renovation project is complete, there is significant cleaning that needs to take place. Along with the removal of large debris, the clean-up of all the dust and small, hard to see items are critical to post construction cleaning.

The dust that is generated from construction projects can cause health issues and affect the indoor air quality if not properly cleaned up. The particulates will embed themselves in all corners of a new building and along with the health problems, the space will appear dirty.

You can count on us to clean every aspect of your construction site. Our process consists of many steps.

Wiping Down All Surfaces

This is the first part of our cleaning process after construction. We assess the dust first to make sure it is dry in order to avoid damaging the lacquer or paint on surfaces. Once the dust is dry, we begin our thorough cleaning on surfaces, baseboards, interior shelves, inside drawers, floors, and all commonly overlooked items such as:

  • Light fixtures and lamp shades
  • Small appliances and electronics
  • Furniture and sculptures
  • Ceiling fans
  • Doorknobs
  • Windowsills
  • New and remodeled restrooms

Vacuum and/or Clean Carpets and Upholstery

If you conducted a renovation project to an existing building instead of something entirely new, it’s possible that dust or debris crept into other areas of the building. Dust can easily become embedded in the fibers of the carpets and upholstery nearby including furniture, curtains, couch cushions or other fabrics. We will vacuum and clean all carpeting or upholstered items thoroughly and as deeply as possible.

Hard Surface Floors

Floors like VCT, tile, and concrete also need to be cleaned and can often times need multiple cleanings to remove drywall dust and other particulates. Floor scrubber machines can also make a big difference when cleaning areas with significant square footage; we use this type of cleaning often to make sure we are thorough.

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